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Dynamic Team Holdings Sdn Bhd
Suite 29A, Jalan SG 1/6,
Tmn Sri Gombak,
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 603-61885233
Fax: 603-61856873
Contact Person: Cik. Sarni bt Abdullah, Office Manager
This provider is a HRDB Registered Training Provider

Brief Profile

Dynamic Team Holdings Sdn Bhd has been providing consulting services to facilitate teambuilding and transitions since 14 July 1995. Mr Simon Ng Teck  Meng, the co-founder of Dynamic Team Holdings, is incidentally the developer of the ‘Empowerment of the Black Belt Team’ programme that is designed to  bring out the spirit of unity and team cohesiveness among participants. The empowerment of “The Black Belt Team” takes a holistic approach in leading people and organisations to success and helps them realise the need for team power, change and commitment to survive in particularly trying times. The belief strongly subscribed by Dynamic Team Holdings is that corporations and institutions would need to shift from “Management to Crisis” to “Management by Vision and Mission”, where the people within must first be transformed into a cohesive team before an organisation is able to make such a transformation.

Mr. Simon Ng is a Martial Arts practitioner who emulates the model of the various “sensei” to facilitate the leadership process, which is the foundation of  Martial Arts and his core training. What makes the programme unique, therefore, is the foundation of Martial Arts principles instilled in the learning process.

The mastery of the Black Belt programme will in turn help to instill trustworthiness and produce people of integrity. This would ultimately create an environment that nurtures interpersonal trust among staff, hence bringing out the best in them.

In addition, Mr. Simon Ng, believes in active learning and makes the learning process fun and adventurous instead of the conventional and passive way of classroom-style teaching. Hence, Dynamic Team ensures that participants’ attention and retention during seminars and workshops are maintained through active participation that encourages vibrant interaction between the facilitator and participants.

(I) Empowerment of the Black Belt Team – Level 1

Empowerment of The Black-Belt Team is about creating a culture or environment where people can do their best and are committed towards excellence in everything they do. The uniqueness of linking Black-Belt philosophy and mastery allows individuals to discover and change oneself fi rst before changing others.

Programme Objectives

  • How To Embrace Change As A Team
  • How To Align The Different Expectations of Individuals In The Team
  • Awaken The Power In Teams Through Personal Mastery
  • Discover The Dynamic Leader In You
  • Discover The 18 Principles of Empowering Teams Towards Excellence
  • Develop The Understanding Of The Importance and Dynamics Of Support, Trust and Commitment Towards Excellence In Both Themselves And Others

Learning Outcomes
The team will:

  • Have the awareness of the bigger picture with regards to the concept of change
  • Learn how to apply Team Power® principles
  • Know the art of moving teams by applying the Bruce Lee principles
  • Understand that excellence is doing more than expected
  • Clearly see what it takes for the organisation to be a market leader    
  • Witness and understand the transforming power of team commitment
  • Be familiar with the 7 best practices of a world class team
  • Understand that all barriers are self-imposed
  • Learn how to take “time-out” to resolve issues
  • Learn how to control and overcome fears in the process of breakthrough    

Training Methodology
Not by watching and listening but through actual participation and immediate application of the methodology. Active learning allows us to create a simulated condition of the current state of affairs. Enabling participants to self-discover where they are right now, so that they can move to where they need to be.

(II) Corporate Team Building Programme: The Way of the Black-Belt – Level 2
There are many ways to move a team from point X to point Y in the fastest time possible. Whatever ways you use, you need to have some ‘tools’. A surgeon cannot perform a successful operation without his ‘tools’. A coach cannot effectively coach without ‘tools’. An artist cannot express beautifully without his ‘tools’. The ways of the Black-Belt share the 5 tools of moving a team from point X to point Y in the fastest time possible.

Programme Objectives

  • To raise the level of consciousness of one’s attitude and interpretation of the events
  • To allow the team to experience the different styles in a team
  • To anchor the team spirit at a high performance stage
  • To anchor in the team a sense of belonging towards the company
  • To share the 5 tools of moving a team
  • Coaching the team on how to use the tools from the “heart”
  • Be more aware of the different perceptions and expectations of individuals towards commitment in a team

Learning Outcomes

  • The power of a positive attitude
  • Getting past fear
  • Embracing changes from external forces
  • Believing that with Team Power we can reach greater heights    
  • Coaching and supporting each other towards excellence
  • Readiness to accept correction as a journey towards personal mystery

Training Methodology
Most of you will come to this stage wanting to fi nd out what exactly an experiential workshop is. Experiential can be defi ned as learning by doing. An experiential workshop focuses on one’s ability to effectively learn and understand concepts by experiencing them in a hands-on fashion.

2 days 1 night

Who Should Attend
All those who believe that the organization can produce better results if we can work better with one another. The duration of the programme can be customised to:

  • 3 days residential
  • 2 days residential

Client List
Past local and international participants include:

  • CIMB Malaysia & Singapore
  • On Semiconductor
  • Shimano Components (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Public Bank Berhad
  • Esso Malaysia Berhad
  • HSBC Brunei
  • Aviva Malaysia & Singapore
  • ExxonMobil Malaysia, Singapore & Nigeria
  • CIGNA Worldwide Insurance Company
  • SP Setia Berhad
  • Buildcon Concrete Sdn Bhd
  • Dynochem (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Motorola Malaysia, China & Singapore
  • Noveon Hong Kong
  • Gamuda Berhad
  • Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Ltd
  • OCBC Bank (M) Berhad
  • The Titan Group
  • Nationwide Express Courier Service Berhad
  • B.Braun Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd
  • Auto Bavaria - BMW
  • Emerson Process Management Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Hewlett-Packard (Sales) Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • Cisco Systems China & Korea
  • Technip Marine (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Affin Bank Berhad
  • Eli Lilly (M) Sdn Bhd

Supported by
Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Malaysian Institute of Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (DSD) Institut Bank-bank Malaysia MAPS
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