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Top HR Interview Question –Tell-Me-About-Yourself Answered

By Jayvardhan Patil


Do you know why this question is asked so often in most job interviews? This question is actually an ice-breaker. Asking this question starts the conversion. So you should better be ready with an answer. more

Three Lessons for Managing Stress

by Dawn McIntyre


Good stress is a combination of the excitement we feel for an upcoming event or situation in our lives as well the feeling of its polarity which, is anxiety. We usually flip-flop between the opposite ends this polarity without realizing that this is what is happening and unfortunately become stuck in inaction as result. more

Look To Current Customers For Business Help

by Michael C. Podlesny


You are running a business that you really love. It has been a couple of years since you got it off the ground, you worked through all those tough times in the beginning and things really seem to be moving along. more

Leadership - What Does it Take?

By Theresa Rudderham


We all know deep down that we have to work on ourselves to be the person that others will gladly follow. But truly what does it mean to be a leader? Lots of things but it can best be summed up like this: more

Customer Service and Your Authentic Self

By Jaynine Howard


We often hear people say that to truly enjoy being a business owner we need to be authentic. We also hear that customers and clients will flock to us when we are authentic. Well, just what does authentic mean? The Webster dictionary defines authentic as being reliable and genuine. more

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The first issue of the TrainingMalaysia E-Newsletter, was launched on October 2005 for the benefit of the training community of Malaysia, offering worldwide exposure of Malaysia's training programmes.

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